8 Common Reasons Why Couples Get Divorced 

Infidelity or an extramarital affair

One person going outside the partnership to meet their physical or sexual needs can end it.  Betrayed partners find it hard to trust again. Extramarital affairs are the leading cause of divorce, accounting for 20-40% of divorces. 

Trouble with finance

They say money makes people hilarious, and it does.If a couple disagrees on finances, it can cause major issues.Why does financial incompatibility cause so much divorce? Financial incompatibility is the “final straw” for 41% of divorces, according to data.

Lack of communication

In marriage, inability to communicate swiftly causes resentment and unhappiness for both parties, affecting all parts of the relationship.A strong marriage, however, starts with effective communication.

Constant arguing

A lot of relationships end because people fight all the time, whether it's about work or the kids.A lot of the time, couples who fight over and over again do so because they don't feel hearing or valued.

Unrealistic expectation

It's easy to expect your spouse and marriage to meet your high standards.These expectations might stress the other person, leaving you disappointed and setting your partner up for failure. Poor expectation setting might cause divorce.

Lack of intimacy

Not feeling connected to your partner can swiftly wreck a marriage because it makes couples feel like roommates or strangers.Lack of physical or emotional connection can cause this, not just sex. Constantly ignoring your spouse can lead to divorce.

Physical and emotional abuse

Feeling disconnected from your partner can swiftly wreck a marriage because it makes couples feel like roommates or strangers.It might be a lack of physical or emotional intimacy, not just sex. Know that ignoring your spouse can lead to divorce.

Not being prepared for marriage

Unsurprisingly, 75% of couples of all ages blamed being unprepared for marriage for their breakup. The highest divorce rate is in 20s couples. Lack of planning is a leading cause of divorce.

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