8 Healthy Finds Coming to Trader Joe’s This December

Dark Chocolate-Covered Gingerbread Cookie Folk

This new product claims to be tasty and cute. These cookies are inspired by TJ's Chocolate Covered Lebkuchen, so if you enjoy those, you should try them. The gingerbread cookies lack the lebkuchen's nuts and fruits and have fewer spices.

Tête de Moine Rosette

If you consider the holidays charcuterie season, these beautiful cheese flowers are excellent for your next board. Sloan says these semi-soft fleurs de fromage, back for their second year in TJ's cooler, melt in your mouth.

Trader Joe's Platinum Reserve Sonoma County Brut

This $14.99 sparkling wine is perfect for December parties or Christmas movie evenings. Dry and warm, it's classic. Truthfully, I like this brut with salty buttered popcorn "Sloan describes the wine. 

Trader Joe's Jingle Jangle Pretzel Twist

One of Trader Joe's most popular Christmas offerings is Jingle Jangle, a large tin of chocolate-covered pretzels, Joe-Joe cookies and popcorn blended with peanut butter cups and candy-coated chocolate drops. 

Ratatouille Bite

An easy, frozen appetizer may complete a Christmas party menu without cooking. Eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes from ratatouille are roasted and seasoned, scooped into balls, coated in panko, and fried. 

A Trio of Almond

For a simple fruit and cheese board after your holiday meal, serve these with cheese blossoms and other cheeseboard items like apple slices and berries. 

Brie en Croute

Classic and gorgeous Christmas dessert: puff pastry-baked brie. Trader Joe's premade appetizer lets you bake brie before guests arrive by preheating the oven.

La Fondue

One last cheese for dairy lovers. This Trader Jacques' offering mimics fondue without pricey equipment. French-style, microwave the tub for five minutes and voilà! Serve it with crusty bread or whatever you like to dip in melted cheese. 

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