Inexpensive Walmart Christmas Snowman Decorations Items for Sale

Wood Snowman Tabletop Decor 6.75 in Height, by Holiday Time

Christmas Fabric Green Color Snowman Decor, 12 in, 0.065lbs, by Holiday Time 3

Days til Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar Set - 5.25" x 7.75" x 2.5", Winter Snowman, Scarf, Wood, Glitter, Home Decor, Kitchen

Mini Red and White Flocking Cute Snowman Ornament Set, 0.1 lb, 4 Count, by Holiday Time

Whimsy 4pk Bright Flocking Snowman Ornaments with Hat Christmas Ornament Set, by Holiday Time

Black and White Medium Resin Snowman Tabletop Decor, 10.2 in, by Holiday Time

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