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The Ultimate Guide to Making Chorizo Quesadillas

The Ultimate Guide to Making Chorizo Quesadillas

The Ultimate Guide to Making Chorizo Quesadillas: While the quesadillas are cooking, you can make guacamole to go with them. Putting it in guacamole or hot sauce is my favourite way to eat it. My husband really likes to dip it in sour cream. You could also use salsa.

A little green tomato salsa goes so well with this quesadilla! I really think you should get a jar of Trader Joe’s Hatch Valley Salsa while you’re there getting the soy chorizo. It’s like a fiesta of tastes when you dip this quesadilla in that salsa!

The Ultimate Guide to Making Chorizo Quesadillas

Set the soy chorizo to cook.

  • Put 6 ounces of soy chorizo in a small skillet and set it on medium heat.
  • Quick Hint! The whole package of soyrizo is 12 ounces, so this is half of that.
  • There are two big quesadillas in this recipe.
  • Prepare the whole package of soyrizo if you want to make 4 quesadillas. Then add twice as much of the other things in the recipe.
  • It takes 3 to 4 minutes to cook the soy chorizo. Put in lime juice, cumin, and chilli powder. Add two to three more minutes of cooking.

Get the quesadilla ready.

  • Put 2 cups of pepper jack or Mexican cheese shreds on each of the two tortillas.
  • On top of the cheese, put some cooked soy chorizo on each of the two tortillas.
  • Add 1/4 cup of fresh cilantro to each tortilla to make them look nice.
  • Sprinkle the tortillas with an extra 1/2 cup of shredded cheese.
  • Then, put another tortilla on top of each one.

Get the quesadilla ready.

  • Put a big skillet on the stove and turn it on medium heat.
  • Cooking spray should be used on the pan.
  • One at a time, add the quesadillas to the pan.
  • Toss each one and cook for three to four minutes. Cook the other side for an extra 3–4 minutes, or until it turns golden brown.

Hint: To flip this big of a quesadilla, you need to use the biggest spatula you have and do it quickly. It will get crispy around the edge of the tortilla if some cheese falls out. Who doesn’t like it when cheese gets crispy? No, not me!

Hand out the quesadilla.

  • Cut the quesadilla in half or four pieces.
  • Sour cream, salsa, hot sauce, or guacamole can be used to top it.

What are the ingredients in chorizo?

Spices, textured vegetable protein, and soy oil are used to make soy chorizo. Beans are used to make textured vegetable protein. It’s just a fancy word for protein made from soybeans that looks like ground meat. Soy chorizo tastes and feels like pork chorizo, but it’s made from soy. Plus it has a lot less fat, calories, and cholesterol than pork chorizo.

  • 6 oz soy chorizo
  • ¼ tsp chili powder
  • ½ tsp ground cumin
  • 1 tbsp lime juicefreshly squeezed
  • 4 8 inch flour tortillasor six 6 inch corn tortillas (for gluten free)
  • 2 ½ cups Mexican shredded cheeseor pepper jack cheese
  • ¼ cup fresh cilantro leaves

Is there a way to make these quesadillas without gluten?

It’s easy to make these quesadillas gluten-free. Use Trader Joe’s or Chorizo gluten-free soy chorizo. You only need to change one thing: you need to use corn tortillas instead.

This recipe calls for flour tortillas that are 8 inches across. On the labels of tortilla bags, they are often called “soft taco” sizes. Most corn tortillas are only 6 inches across. If you use corn tortillas, I think you should make three tortillas instead of two with the same amount of ingredients.

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